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Sorunuzun yanıtını aşağıda bulamadıysanız lütfen bizimle iletişime geçin.

  • What do I need to pay attention to choosing 8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99-a511-2eb_need8a2 for my application?
    Choosing the appropriate hardware in image processing based applications is the most fundamental factor that determines the performance of the application. We provide you with all the support, free of charge, with our expert team on the sensor characteristics to be considered in the selection of hardware, the required sensitivity in the application, the camera connection interface, the determination of suitable optics and lighting. To do this, simply fill out the contact form or send us an e-mail.
  • Can I procure and test your products sample before purchasing?
    Yes! We enable you to quickly deliver and test the products in our stock. We have launched a new application so that you can test products that are not in our stock, without purchasing them. Please write to us to get detailed information about the subject.
  • What is the delivery time of the products we buy?
    The delivery time for the products in our stock is 1-3 working days. There is an average delivery time of 3-6 weeks for products that are out of stock and need to be imported.
  • How can I find out the prices of the products?
    Please contact us in order to choose the most suitable equipment for your needs and to learn about the current prices.
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